Monday, October 17, 2011

2012 Plans

Thanks to everyone who helped out and supported us this year, we really appreciate it.

For next year we are upgrading a bit.  First we plan to irrigate the garden for 2012 to help out the produce that needed a bit more water for those dry days/weeks.  This should help us have a larger volume of produce for a longer amount of time. We are also planting a larger variety of crops.  Once things are ready to harvest we will attend the Akron and Yuma Farmers Markets; if they are available for 2012.  If they don't have a Yuma Farmers Market we hope to set up a farm stand in town once a week.

This year we decided to try hogs and things are working great.  We got 3 and one is sold (on the hoof), one donated to the church we attend (New Beginnings Outreach) and one for us personally.  We are getting our property set up for next year so we can hopefully get 30.

If you are interested in all natural pork, let us know.  We will be selling them as half or whole hogs.

We are looking forward to another exciting year.  If you have any suggestions for us please email .

Pictures from the first day we brought the pigs to the farm, August 2011