Monday, February 6, 2012

How some things always hold true through-out time.

If you can pay off all debts, so as to start with a clean bill, you can let the world wag. Debt is the load that drags so many people down. No man will be apt to fail if he takes care not to run into debt. 
[Thomas’s Farmer's Almanac] c/o  Agrarian Nation Blog

Now is the time to plan the operations for the coming year. Pay off old debts. Interest eats into your substance night and day. It grows while you are sleeping. Better drive a little closer to the wind, work a little harder, spend less, and “owe no man anything.”
[Thomas’s Farmer's Almanac]   c/o  Agrarian Nation Blog

Now, it is my humble opinion that, to make a good farmer, it is needful to have a good wife. Yes, there are no two ways about it; the article is indispensable. I have always thought so. 
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