Friday, August 16, 2013

Online Ordering!!!

We are excited to announce that you can now shop for our products on Local Radius.  Here is how it works.

-Select what you want and add it to your cart.
-To check out you will need to set up a user name and password
-Credit card payment information is taken
-Then you get to select your Pick Up location.  We do not currently offer shipping.
-Confirm you order and it is processed.
-Then we reserve your order to be picked up at the Pick Up Location/Date/Time you requested.

Pick Up locations:  For now the pick up location will be the Louisville Farmers Market in Louisville, CO. Currently we are at the Louisville Farmers Market every other weekend and it runs until October 12th. It will show you the next date we are there and times.  Once you place your order on Local Radius and select your pick up date we will hold your order for that date.  This helps to ensure you get what you want and we don't sell out before you get there.

When the market ends we plan to set up once a month pick up point in the Front Range and if we have a high demand for it we will go to twice a month.  Pick up location, dates and times will be scheduled in local radius for you to see in the off season.  We will start adding those dates as we get closer.

Orders can still be placed in advance to markets over the phone or by email.

Let us know what you think and if you have any questions.

You can reach us at 719-671-3063 or

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