Pastured Chickens

We raise Barred Rock Hens for our Egg layers.  These hens are just terrific and provide large brown eggs with a beautiful yolk.  They are raised as Pasture Chickens.  This means they spend their days roaming freely on the property  foraging on bugs, dirt and grass.  We do supplement feed them with egg layer grain as well. They have a large coop that they are in during the evening to  protect them from predators.  This coop does have a big outside run off of it for the occasional times they need to be contained due to weather or other events that would require them to be contained.

For our Meat chickens we decided to go with the Heritage breeds.  Heritage breed chickens are not your grocery store chicken.  These birds are a   naturally proportioned bird, but what you are use to seeing in the grocery store is factory type bird that has been genetically designed to be ready for butcher at a younger age and are very large.   Our meat chickens reach market weight between 17-22 weeks.  Since they are butchered at a mature age this means their muscles are more developed and this equates to better flavor and health.  There is more dark meat on a heritage breed chicken but this means more flavor.  Our birds will have longer legs and thighs, have larger wings and a smaller breast than supermarket    chickens.  Our meat chickens are Pasture raised and supplemented with grain.   In the evenings they roost in a chicken coop to be protected from predators, but during daylight hours they roam our property foraging for food.

All of our chickens are antibiotic and hormone free and not fenced in.  They go where they please.

Currently we are taking pre-orders on our Pastured Meat Chickens.  For availability or more details please contact us at or call 719-671-3063.

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