Pastured Hogs

Video Slideshow of our Pastured Hogs (Above).

Our hogs are raised on pasture in a humane manner.  They are given plenty of room to move and play.  They are never confined indoors, like a commercial hog operation. They are not jammed into some tiny space just for the sake of     production.  As we stated before, our hogs are 100% hormone and antibiotic free.  They are allowed to forage for their food like they would do naturally.  They are also supplement fed with alfalfa hay and Non GMO grain (that we purchase in Longmont, CO).   We plant a specialty forage crop which includes root style veggies.  This lets the hogs root for food like they would naturally.  We specialize in nitrate free pork.  Since our hogs are on forage in a pasture they take longer to gain weight.  So our hogs get to enjoy life that much more.  Our hogs are extremely happy and playful and full of life.  This means a lot to us and what we do.  Our hogs are never mistreated.

We do not butcher.  You are paying us for the hog only.  We can deliver it to the butcher of your choice.  If you use a butcher that is within a reasonable distance from us, we will deliver it for free.  We will only deliver your hog after you have made full payment to us on your hog.  We will work with you on payment options.  In-order to make sure that a hog will be available when you want one, you will need to reserve a hog with a deposit.  You are always welcome to call to see if any are available on short notice. Our hogs will weigh in at 250-300 lbs.  If for some reason you would like your hog larger or smaller than average, let us know.  We will always work with you to make you happy.  After your hog is delivered to the butcher, butchering/processing fees are paid to them.  We do offer individual cuts of meat as well as Weaner (50lbs and under), Feeder (51-100lbs), Half and Whole hogs.  Please contact us for availability and pricing.

Our hog pricing does include delivery in our area.  If you are farther away, we will work something out with you.  We strive to keep our customers happy and returning for more.  If you would like to come to the farm to pick up your hog, we will give a discount off of the price.

The fresh meats are a great way for the home smoker to get a healthy meat to smoke and cure at home if they so choose.

Call Rachel for more details at 719-671-3063.