Where to find our products

If you are looking to purchase our meats and eggs here are your current options:

2013 Louisville Farmers Market every other Saturday.  Please contact Rachel at 719-671-3063

Purchase are products online at www.localradius.net for pick up at the Farmers Market.

Primal Guys in Fort Collins orders hogs from us and has them processed at a USDA facility. They carry just about every part of the hog you could want.  There website is : http://www.primalguys.com/ or call Jim at 970-485-1175

If you are interested in carring our meat at your farm stand or store, please contact Rachel at 719-671-3063 or by email at info@stpeternaturalfarm.com.  We have a high demand for our meat and would love to find a few locations along the front range to help our customers out.

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